When you are looking for home care for a family member or a friend, the cost is a significant consideration. With all the associated expenses to consider, how the in-home health providers set their prices will help you choose which agency to use or decide if you’d like to enter the industry on a professional level.

With every new year comes changes to Medicare – and they aren’t all good. Here’s how to handle the biggest issues for 2020.

Any successful business owner will tell you that becoming an entrepreneur takes guts. Here are a few character traits that could make all the difference.

As a former professional athlete, I can tell you one thing, and that’s preparation yields confidence. We practice daily for the opportunity to shine when our number is called up. There’s a complex structure of sacrifice and[…]

Due to the aging baby boomers and increased life expectancy, the number of senior citizens over the age of 65 is increasing every year. Today, starting an in-home health care business is a competitive but rewarding industry. Here are steps to being successful in the market.

If you’re reading this agency onboarding guide, you’re either just started working with Gento or are considering partnering with us from all your medical staffing needs. Regardless of what stage of the onboarding process you’re in, we compiled a list of videos that will help you learn the system and discover how it is to navigate. Let’s go!

Gento’s writing style guide is as basic as you’re going to see in the editoral world.  Picking the right story: The first step in creating great content and delivering a valuable experience to our readers (and bringing[…]

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