A career as a Doctor of Physical Therapy allows one to connect with patients, provide continuous service, perform with no overhead, have great work-life balance, gain knowledge consistently, and provides a respectable income. Although you receive excellent pay for the position, the rewards of being a physical therapist go beyond money.

On a cold Monday morning, waking up super early might be the very last thing on your to-do list for the day. Who wants to get out of their warm and comfy blanket to start their day when you can sleep in just a little bit longer? Answer: most of the US population.

There are few jobs in the United States that pay, as well as healthcare jobs, do – and even fewer that require so little experience. The training needed to get some of the highest-paying healthcare jobs can be intimating.

Clinician bags aren’t for just doctor’s anymore. Although there’s’ a variety of stuff to pack in your clinician bag, we break down what items are frequently use for in-home health care.

In general, outsourcing is the best option for practices that understand the value of their medical staff but lack sufficient resources to support or create one in-house.

If you want to make doctor-level money without getting a medical degree, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that it’s totally possible. The medical field is full of high-paying jobs that require special people to fill those roles – special people with special training.

Sweden, Denmark, and Canada are some of the countries known for having above-average healthcare. So, where does the US rank in all this? Nowhere near the top.

From devastating neurological disorders to the utilization of nanotechnology and 3D printing, these three innovative medical devices push the boundaries on what was previously thought possible and will make you believe in the scientific future.

Each year, thousands of students borrow cold hard cash from the government to pay for all those expensive college fees. As student debt builds, here’s a simple hustle to repay those crazy high student loans in no time. It’s easier than you think.

If you’re not ready for the new PDGM (Patient-Driven Groupings Model) for home health agencies and in-home therapy providers then this article is designed to help prepare you for January 1, 2020, when this new payment model takes effect.

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