6 Qualities Of Being A Successful Business Owner

If you’re looking to become successful business owner, keep in mind, it takes guts.

It’s not an easy thing to do, and any entrepreneur will tell you that. You will have to be prepared for more than a full-time job: you may have many full-time jobs when you first start out. Many businesses succeed where others fail, and the reason for the failure falls at the feet of the business owner.

So, before you ever file the paperwork for your new business, you need to decide what kind of entrepreneur you’re going to be. Here are a few character traits that could make all the difference.


If you want to become a successful business owner, you may need to overcome a lot of inertia to get the ball rolling. And even when the ball is rolling, it will still need a push to keep it moving. You need to be there to give it that push. This will be your daily life, and you can’t take days off just because you’re the boss. We all have those days where we just don’t feel like doing anything, but it’s a luxury you can’t afford just yet.


Just starting a business begins with an idea. Whether your business is a product or a service, you need to think outside the box at providing new ideas or delivering those insights in a new way. Throughout the life of your business, you will continuously need to stay ahead of the competition while keeping your brand fresh.


When it rains, it pours, and being resourceful can bring new solutions to seemingly overwhelming problems. Even if you aren’t responding to a crisis, a focus on resourcefulness will help keep your business lean and efficient, making the most of your time, money, and effort. When the challenges do arise, resourceful entrepreneurs will be well-suited to tackle them.


Successful business owners set the tone for themselves and their employees. This is your “why”: Why do you come to work every day? Why do you work so hard? What drives you even when times are tough. When your motivation makes you want to be the first person in the office every day, people notice. 

Don’t confuse being motivated with being over-reactive. It’s better to think clearly about a present situation as it arises, and not over-react. Seasoned employees could see this as a form of poor leadership.


Confidence is the trademark of any successful business owner. The question is not if the business will succeed, the question is what the timetable for success looks like. Being knowledgeable and efficient while planning the details of success will have you exuding a confidence people will feel when interacting with you.  


No one is an island.

To think that one person has all the answers – even if that person is you – is the surest way to failure. When your business is tested or challenged, you may not know what to do. Trust that someone around you may have the ideas you need and be open to hearing them. Many of your employees are just as invested in your business as you are, even if they aren’t a shareholder.

Blake Stilwell

Blake Stilwell is a former Air Force Combat Photojournalist with degrees in Graphic Design, Television & Film, Journalism, Public Relations, International Relations, and Middle Eastern Affairs. He is now a writer and media producer with experience in politics, entertainment, development, nonprofit, military, and government. Blake's work can be seen on Military.com, We Are The Mighty, Military Times, Business Insider, Fox News, ABC News, NBC, HBO Sports, the White House, Skillset Magazine, Booze League, and with considerable effort, his mother's fridge. Blake is based in Los Angeles but is often found elsewhere.

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