To err is human. With that said, there’s no protection from a professional mistake without having a medical malpractice insurance policy in place. As a healthcare provider, it’s vital to know that even a minor mistake can have severe consequences, not just to your patients but also for your whole practice. Since there is a decent likelihood that you will face a malpractice claim at some point in your career, can one small mistake ruin it all just like that?

There’s a difference between what a business owner pays in taxes vs. what their employees pay. Business owners don’t get a paycheck but they still have to pay Uncle Sam.

Are you interested in succeeding in business? Reading these 12 books could be the perfect start when creating your first business plan.

In general, outsourcing is the best option for practices that understand the value of their medical staff but lack sufficient resources to support or create one in-house.

Sweden, Denmark, and Canada are some of the countries known for having above-average healthcare. So, where does the US rank in all this? Nowhere near the top.

When you are looking for home care for a family member or a friend, the cost is a significant consideration. With all the associated expenses to consider, how the in-home health providers set their prices will help you choose which agency to use or decide if you’d like to enter the industry on a professional level.

Any successful business owner will tell you that becoming an entrepreneur takes guts. Here are a few character traits that could make all the difference.

Due to the aging baby boomers and increased life expectancy, the number of senior citizens over the age of 65 is increasing every year. Today, starting an in-home health care business is a competitive but rewarding industry. Here are steps to being successful in the market.

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