How Gento Is The Answer To Clinician’s Paperwork Complaints

Note: This article about “clinician’s paperwork complaints” was written by an active physical therapist currently freelancing for Gento.

Let’s face it, as clinicians, we didn’t go through school for the love of filling endless amounts of paperwork. After years and years of countless reading and receiving specialized training, one of the last things we expected was to be buried under a mountain of paperwork that consumes the majority of the day. As clinicians, we would rather spend our time and effort on rendering patient care versus the hours it takes to complete a visit note.

Although detailed notes are crucial in documenting what therapies we provided, the endless paperwork complaints exceed the pain of standing in line at the overcrowded DMV to get an updated driver’s license.

The struggle is real, folks.

Luckily for us, Gento mastered the art in creating a documentation platform that is efficient, easy, and protective, ending all clinician’s paperwork complaints.

"I don't understand, given the constraints physicians have in doing their job and the paperwork demanded of them, why people want to be physicians. I think we've made it very, very difficult for them to perform their job. I think that's a shame."

Malcolm Gladwell

When I first started work in the home health sector I was overwhelmed – there were so many companies out there. Which one do I work for? I honestly had no clue. So I explored them one-by-one. What I was able to conclude is that the fieldwork in home health is pretty much the same.

What separated companies, was the electronic medical record (EMR) systems they used for paperwork. Gento created their own custom system which makes handling paperwork simple and cuts down the amount of time I spend inputting notes. 

All The Documentation Tools You Need In One Spot

When you’re ready to prepare a gourmet breakfast. You pour your favorite cereal into a bowl. Today is going to be a good day. As you open the refrigerator door, you notice …

… There is no milk.

Say it isn’t so. This is not happening. This is one of the lowest feelings known to mankind. A moment, no one should ever experience.

This situation parallels a common complaint when completing paperwork in the home health sector. Imagine coming home from a day of seeing several patients. You are exhausted, and all you want to do is complete your paperwork, so you can conclude the workday and relax. You sit down with your computer, ready to complete a Start of Care Oasis, only to realize that all the information on the patient is not in your possession.

Nails against the chalkboard, gum in your hair, forgetting your lunch at home – irritated, is an understatement.

Never with Gento. From the moment you accept a patient, all the information you need to complete your documentation is present. You sincerely feel like a chef in a fully stocked kitchen.

Clinician's Paperwork Complaints

Space to Create

I have fond memories of watching my grandmother fix up a meal from one of her cookbooks. For the most part, she would follow the recipe, but there was always a moment where she did as she pleased. The experience with documenting is the same.

There is information that must be completed on the in-home health note, such as pain level, vitals, and current level of function. Outside of the requirements are sections that allow for clinicians to have autonomy:

  • Treatment/Skilled Intervention Comments
  • Patient Response to Treatment
  • Plans for Next Visit

Gento understands when and where freedom is needed when documenting. Gento’s recording system allows clinicians to fully express what is going on with the patient and where the plan of care is headed. 

It is the perfect balance between freedom and control.

Peace of Mind

The balance between freedom and control maximizes clinical integrity when practicing and documenting. Clinicians who freelance with Gento won’t forget to assess for pain, check for edema, take vitals, and document all current levels of function. This is because you’re unable to submit an evaluation or treatment note without commenting on these sections.

Gento has a check-and-balance system within its documentation platform. The document will not go through unless all necessary sections are completed. When you press submit after completing a report on Gento, you know it is up to the highest of standards. The company has created a platform that has your back and legally protects you. The system ensures you have crossed all of your T’s and dotted your I’s.

Gento’s custom system makes handling paperwork simple and cuts down the amount of time I spend inputting notes. Forever gone are the days of wondering if you missed something on your note after completing it. The peace of mind from documenting Gento’s EMR is a priceless feeling.

Their Unique Tracking System

As I was looking to work in the in-home health care, one noticeable aspect that caught my eye was Gento’s tracking system. When I registered, I realized I was able to upload all my credentials directly to the app for approval, which took just a few minutes.

Once I was onboarded, I was assigned my first patient, the system guided me to their house where I rendered care. I performed the treatment, the patient signed Gento’s EMR, and I was off to my next patient’s residence. It was that simple, and I’ve been doing it for the past few years.

Overall, Gento’s system takes away all clinician’s paperwork complaints and then some. 

Nduka Unaka

Dr. Nduka Unaka, PT, DPT, is a licensed physical therapist born, raised, and practicing in Los Angeles County, California. He attended the University of California Irvine, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health.

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